Dream! Magical protectors is a TV show about a team of guardians that fights of nightmares in dreams.

Bulan is a 12 year old lucid dreamer. They are very invested in keeping a record of their dream and decoding the meanings. Bulan meets an unusual guest one day who scouts them into a magical girl group that protects the people of the city from their nightmare.

Main Characters from my story, Gate Hunters

I participated in the Visual Development of the video game themed opera PermaDeath with 20 other artists. Check out the rest of the project here: https://www.artstation.com/artist/permadeath

Character Designs for a 3 Issue comic “Link” with writer Dan Perlstein

Jin the Adventurer! They are a young herbalist busy collecting samples in the mountain everyday. First illustration is done with photoshop and the equipments are done in watercolour. This is for my Character Design class at MICA with Jimmy Giegerich.

‘Lunchbox’ is a 31 pages children’s book about a child helping their dad out by making their own lunch!

sample spread page 10-11

Character design for Jin, a Chinese non-binary charater used in a playtest of a tabletop roleplaying game